Nice Stamp is one of the Leaders Manufacturing Companies deals with Stamps and Seals Systems in United Arab Emirates. We Offer Self Inking Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps (office / Company Seal), Custom Date Stamps, Heavy Duty Stamps, Ready Made Stamps, Numbering Stamps, Laser Engraved Rubber Stamps, Multi Color Stamps, Address Stamps, School Stamps for Teachers, Doctors Stamps, Security Stamps, ID Protection Stamps, Flash Stamps, Embosser and Embossing Seal, Wax Seal, Manual Rubber Stamps

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We are the No.1 Rubber Stamp maker in Dubai, UAE. We produce hundreds of stamps every day. There are wide range of stamp collection to choose from, including our Self Ink Stamps and Pre Ink Stamps. We produce self ink stamps with world's well known brands such as Colop, Shiny and Trodat.

Want to make a Rubber Stamp?
It is very easy to make a rubber stamp for you or for your company. All you have to do is just send us your valid trade license copy issued by government authority to our email address nice@stampdubai.com or nicestampdxb@gmail.com that's it! We will design round or oval or square shape stamps and send back to you for your approval. Once you confirm the design, we start making it and stamps will be ready within 10min.

Easy to order procedure:

  • Scan and send your company license copy
  • Send us logo or any graphics if you want to include in stamp
  • We will send you stamp design for your approval
  • Payment: Through Online transfer or Pay Cash in Person
Rubber Stamp Font and Design
You can design your stamp with almost any stylish fonts or even corporate fonts that are used in your Business Cards and you can include graphics and logos to fit your business identity. Since rubber stamp are used as a company seal in most correspondence with government authority, it is advised to use clear and sharp font and a logo so it gives a eye catching look.

Personalized Rubber Stamps with your own graphic
Want to include a signature, logo, or favorite image in rubber stamp? No problem! You can send us along with your license, we will include that in the design. For best results, save your work as clear sharp vector graphics preferably Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw file.

Some information about rubber stamp:
A Company Rubber Stamp (even sometimes referred as company seal or corporate seal) is an official seal used by every business. Traditionally, the stamp was of some legal significance that the document was the act and deed of the company, whereas when a document was merely signed by a director, then that was deemed to be an act carried out on behalf of the company by its agents, which was subject to applicable restrictions and limitations under the ordinary law of agency.


  • Valid TradeLicense | Incorporation Certificate | Company Registration Copy
  • Passport Copy/Emirates ID Appearing in the licence.
    Any of the following:
    (Local Sponsor, Company Owner, Manager & Official PRO)

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