Embossing Seal made up of Stainless Steel, compact design. Perfect for adding a classy touch to wedding invites, personal branding, corporate stationery and certificates. Compact design provides easy to fold and store when not in use. Synthetic Seal Plate sized between 40 to 50 mm. Only to be used on paper stock up to 200 gsm thickness. Consider ordering Heavy Duty Embossing Seal if you wish to stamp little thicker.

Embossing Seals are widely used to authenticate documents such as certificates, limited edition prints and artwork to prevent forgery and unauthorized copies. Embossing Seal create a raised blind paper impression, when the paper is squeezed in between the dies. It is ideal for Notary, Corporate, Engineering, Library and Wedding.

  • Unique mechanism - requires less pressure
  • Soft rubber handle
  • Constructed from reinforced steel
  • Accepts interchangeable die sets
  • Additional die sets can be ordered